Sogo Ladies & Mens Las Chance Clearance Bonanza


Summary: Sogo is offering the Ladies & Mens Las Chance Clearance Bonanza. With many Clothing products up for grab in this sale.

Brands Offered:

  • Forest
  • B.U.M. Equipment
  • Skiva
  • Polo
  • Soda
  • Nicole
  • Audrey
  • Byford
  • Padini
  • Cheetah
  • Charles Jourdan
  • and many more

Terms & Condition Apply. Visit in-store for more details

Company: Sogo

Sales: 22 Nov 2010 – 5 Dec 2010

Venue: Event Hall, 5th Floor, Sogo KL

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  1. Sogo Ladies & Mens Las Chance Clearance Bonanza…

    Sogo Ladies & Mens Las Chance Clearance Bonanza. Sogo is offering the Ladies & Mens Las Chance Clearance Bonanza……

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