About EverydayOnSales Malaysia

MY-About-Us - EverydayOnSales.com is a weblog dedicated to shopaholic and the public who hunt for sales, promotion & great deals in town. We constantly publish Shopping Sales, Warehouse Sales, Special Promotion, Great Deals, Great Discount & any other sales information.

Our aim is simple as 1.2..3…
  1. We share Sales information, you get to know the sales information and you get a great deal
  2. You can always share & recommend the sales info with your friend in Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Telegram), everyone got to know the great discount & deals
  3. You know there is the event of a sale, you can share it with us, we share the information with the public, and let everyone gets to know about a great deal.

EverydayOnSales.com is the first of its kind in Malaysia with the sole purpose of saving you money on anything by finding the best discounts & Promotion market. We want to help all of Malaysian to fight back as a consumer to maximize every single cent they spend.