McDonalds McValue Lunch & Dinner Promotion

McDonalds McValue Lunch Dinner Promotion 2013

Summary: McDonalds is having its McValue Lunch & Dinner Promotion now. Enjoy the best lunch & dinner deal in town just got better! 3 great choices for only RM5.95 each! Enjoy everyone’s favorite McChicken, or indulge in 2 new burgers: the Beef & Egg, or the McEgg Deluxe.

– Enjoy McValue Meals Everyday from 12pm-3pm and 6pm to 9pm.

– Terms and conditions apply.

Company: McDonalds Malaysia

Date: from 8th February 2013 onwards

All McDonalds Restaurants in Malaysia except Genting , Airport & McDelivery ( Store Locator )

McDonalds Malaysia Shop View Photo
McDonalds Malaysia Shop View Photo

McDonalds Malaysia Breakfast Promotion 2013
A perfect breakfast for a perfect family weekend from only RM19.90!

McDonalds Malaysia McCafe Promotion 2013
Pamper yourself with a cup of beautifully frothed cappuccino or a creamy latte starting from only RM4.50.

EverydayOnSales Talks:
Overall EverydayOnSales thinks that this is an exclusive promotion related to restaurants and food. The items that they offer are really worth to get. For those who are interested , kindly visit to McDonalds

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  1. Katy says:


  2. kj says:

    it’s good

  3. chewhoung says:

    i;m loving it

  4. Rachel says:

    new choices

  5. lsn says:


  6. Michael says:

    Great !!

  7. mona says:


  8. piggy697 says:

    mcd i lovin it

  9. Haimamamia Lee says:

    Date: from 8th February 2013 onwards

  10. shyamala says:

    love this

  11. mas says:


  12. as says:


  13. magnum nyum2 says:


  14. nass says:

    so delicious

  15. laykean says:


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