Jusco Sale 2012


Summary: Aeon Jusco are having their 2012 sale storewide around Malaysia. Products that offered are clothes , home , daily products . The Jusco Sales are simply amazing. Only Exclusively at Jusco. Please come and grabs your favorite for this whole month sale.

Company: ÆON Co. Ltd.

Sales: from 2-1-2012 to 29-1-2012

All Jusco Store ( Jusco Store Locator )

EverydayOnSales Talks:
  (Jasuko) is the acronym for Japan United Stores Company, a chain of “general merchandise stores” (or hypermarket) and the largest of its type in Japan. The various JUSCO companies are subsidiaries of ÆON Co. Ltd. The JUSCO name was adopted in 1970 by a company originally founded as a kimono silk trader in 1758. Renamed ÆON in 1989, it operates stores throughout Japan under JUSCO and other names and also has a presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong, mainland China and Thailand.

Overall EverydayOnSales thinks that this is a very exclusive sale to those who wishes to buy items related to clothing and daily products. The item that they offers are really worth to buy. For those who interested to become member , kindly visit to AEON Jusco Malaysia Facebook or call at 1300 80 3535 .

EverydayOnSales Rating : 6/10

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  1. Mii says:

    passed… T.t.

  2. nena says:

    lets go to jusco!

  3. nana says:

    i like it!!

  4. joanne says:

    don’t worry, they always have more sales throghout the year…

  5. Nanan says:

    January 2012? already past?? there is no end year sale today? =(6

  6. Admin says:

    Jusco change their name to AEON. There is a AEON Year End Sale this year @ http://www.everydayonsales.com/53308/thinks-rewards-thinks-aeon-member-branded-bargain

  7. Aidah says:

    oh i missed it

  8. Yii says:

    bought many things in jusco last night

  9. Adeline says:

    It is always an unsatisfying experience if it comes to getting some CNY ang pow packets by Jusco/Aeon! For the past few years, the ang pow packets will be given out way before the CNY. The response will be ‘Finished Already’ from the staff.

    The latest unsatisfying experience was during the Members Day on 11 Jan 2013 at Aeon Cheras Selatan. I don’t understand why the CNY ang pow packets can only be given on the next day i.e. 12th and not during the Members Day? As it was, most of the patrons on the Members Day should be Members and Aeon should take the opportunity to give out the CNY ang pow packets to the Members that requested for such! Moreover, it is only 1 packet for every $50 of purchase! What is so difficult about this small gesture to your loyal Members?

    Frankly speaking, these experiences irrated me and I am thinking twice of shopping at Aeon during the CNY season.

    Thank you.

  10. Admin says:

    thanks for sharing.

  11. Rissa says:

    Yeah…sale agin!

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