Buffet Experience in Tenji Puchong Bandar Puteri


Today i and 2 friends go to Tenji Pre opening Buffet Promotion in Bandar Puteri. The normal lunch buffet price is RM77,but today there are doing Pre-opening promotion which is just RM38++. First , we thought it doesn’t need to make any reservation and just open for walk in customer, but then , to make sure it is halal or not , we make an enquiry call to confirm. After that , we found out that their food are pork free because they said they are serving cocktail which are contains alcohol. But they told us that the promotion is fully booked. So we just leave our hand phone no. to put us on the waiting list.After waiting of 30minit after the buffet started , we try to call up to see weather it is any canceled booking for us to dine in. but no one picked up. So we decided to make a visit to the Puchong Tenji to try our lucks. 

After we reached there, the staff there told us they we can purchase the buffet promotion. We asked them why never call up to those who on waiting list. they said they are too busy . although we feel a bit upset and angry, but we still purchase the RM38++ promotion lunch. The whole building is like unfinished renovation, the toilet are dirty and waterless. So we have an bad impression about the food. We don’t thinks their food are clean enough but we still having a trial mood for this discount buffet.

Compare the first Tenji in Hartamas , we found out that the food they served weren’t full version as RM77 buffet. First , the beverage they just giving weird fruit juice – papaya juice , vegetables juice mixed which we not used to it . In the original buffet , they are serving real fruit juice like carrot,apple,watermelon juice. but that is not the worst path , the worst path is they are not serving cocktail at all.


Tempura section which normally they are serving more than 15 type of fry foods. But in Puchong Tenji they just serving around 8 type of Tempura. Anyway , we happy they are serving tempura prawn but you have to wait for 10-15 minutes to get around 3-4 prawns. We ask them why they never cook more seem the people who waiting are so many , they said their manager had told them to control the food quantity. I am so unhappy with the attitude of the Tenji and the staff there.

Then the Teppanyaki section also same , normally they give us a pin to put inside the counter to order the dishes . but the main shop are serving like around 12 dishes , so we may need to use the pin to order . but they just served 7 dishes and mostly are vegetables. We also lazy to order after we try few , because the foreigner workers cook are so terrible. All the dishes having the same taste which is salty and tasteless .


for the sushi and sashimi section , many of sashimi seafood slice are not serving , roughly like 40 percent of the original menu and the slice were too thick and not fresh . Then the oyster also having the same case, not fresh and smelly .

the steamboat section also fail , they just served few vegetables and some prawn that is not fresh. All of it spoil my moods to eat. then the local cuisine also giving 5 dishes only compare to original menu which should have around 15 dishes.

The whole experience in Tenji was considered sucks. I can’t imagine how can this type of buffet charging people RM77 for lunch and RM88 for dinner . May be they just try to cheat us. This totally not a promotion , they just served food that worth RM38 . so it mean they are not sincerely want to do promotion of RM77 lunch. I thinks the reputation of this shop had totally drop to negative ranking in my  all time buffet ladder board. We will not visit this shop again even it is Free.

Article Submit Date : 17th November 2010
Article Submit By : Kingsley KenGy
Author : Kingsley KenGy

Filed Under: Articles


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