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Our redemption items is currently out of stock. But let’s relax and Do Not Worry too much. We are working with our partners and looking for sponsors to provide more choices on the redemption items. Therefore, please stay tune with us, we will fill up the catalog very soon.

We will assure you latest by Jan 2013, our redemption catalog will be back and there will be items/vouchers for you to redeem. Please continue to earn your loyalty points, once the catalog being fill up, you can immediately redeem the points with items/vouchers.

We need help from you. We would like to hear from you what kind of redemption items interest you most.
Please provide your [texthighlight color=”red-vibrant” ]TOP 3[/texthighlight] list in the below (it can be facebook comment or the normal comment).

Look forward to hear feedback from all of you, and please remember to share this with your friend, cause all your feedback will help us to become better and greater.


Leave Your TOP 3 Redemption List here, tell us your experience/feeling/story with our loyalty program and lastly click Like on this page.

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  1. Chee says:

    1. Jusco Voucher
    2. KFC Voucher
    3. Giant Voucher

  2. Karen says:

    Food dining vouchers

  3. yeong says:

    1) Jusco
    2) Parkson
    3) Popular

    Also pls note that it would be beneficiary and appreciated if the RM50 vouchers redeemed can be send out in 5 RM10 vouchers instead of 1 RM50.

    Thank you.

  4. Mary says:

    1. Tesco voucher
    2. Jusco voucher
    3. KFC voucher

  5. honeyb says:

    1. Jusco/AEON cash voucher
    2. Metrojaya cash voucher
    3. Parkson cash voucher

  6. Orlina Goh says:

    1. Jusco voucher
    2. Tesco voucher
    2. Parkson voucher!

  7. Irene says:

    Jusco voucher.

  8. Lee says:

    1. Jusco voucher
    2. Carrefour voucher
    3. KFC voucher

  9. Smurf says:

    1) Jusco voucher
    2) Parkson voucher
    3) AirAsia voucher

  10. Angel says:

    1) Jusco voucher
    2) Sen Heng voucher
    3) Air asia voucher

  11. abc says:

    1. Tesco voucher
    2. Jusco voucher
    3. KFC voucher

  12. Angel Tan says:

    Parkson Voucher
    Jusco Voucher
    Payless Shop Voucher

  13. Apple says:

    3)Jaya Jusco

  14. Appleorange says:

    3)Jaya Jusco

  15. tang says:

    3)Jaya Jusco

  16. Nadia says:

    1. Jusco
    2. Tesco
    3. Starbucks vouchers

  17. YuriNg says:


  18. piggy697 says:


  19. Ana says:

    1. Jusco voucher
    2. Parkson voucher!
    3. Giant

  20. Wan Chai Sia says:

    1. Parkson
    2. Jusco
    3. Metrojaya

  21. cat says:


  22. cheemeng1188 says:

    1.Jusco voucher
    2.Tesco voucher
    3.Mcd voucher

  23. Easter says:

    1. Jusco
    2. Parkson
    3. Tesco

  24. feeza says:


  25. Tang says:

    1) Giant
    2) Tesco
    3) KFC

  26. ppleo says:

    1. Jusco (Aeon)
    2. Giant
    3. Tesco

  27. Rachel says:

    1. Aeon
    2. Tesco
    3. Mcdonald

  28. kay shahirah says:

    1. tesco vouchers
    2. jusco vouchers
    3. giant vouchers

  29. kay shahirah says:

    1. Aeon
    2. Tesco
    3. Mcdonald

  30. jannahmazlan says:


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