Things That You Should Consider When Purchasing a DSLR

Are your really into photography and you don’t own a DSLR but dying for one? Is it a right choice to get one and do you have what it takes to own one? A DSLR is very different from your self own camera in sense of compact camera, Iphone Camera, android camera and etc. Even the effect of the picture captured is different between DSLR and the normal camera. Here are some insight thought whether do you actually need one?

1. What Kind of Photograph Are You Taking?

The one of the major thing that you might want to consider when you intend to buy a DSLR is what kind of photograph are you going to take or practice? Are you shooting a wedding events or even family events, school event or just random street photography? What type of photography will influence what kind of camera you require to use for your purpose.

For example, for the wedding photography. From the observation, people are no longer taking the full HD video camera anymore. The video camera is too bulky and very hassle. Instead most people is starting to move to DSLR with capable of supporting video recording. They are much lighter and you can even change lense to meet your criteria of the shooting. The weight plays an important role where if you are some shooting something on the move, you wouldn’t want something which is big and heavy where it will drains your energy before your shooting even ends.

If you are taking picture of your family (son or daughter) the normal phone camera or compact camera is pretty much sufficient for your usage. They are multiple purpose and most important they are light. So when you travel with your family, you can carry something light and something on the go.

2. Usage of your Camera

Are you using your camera as a professional or are you using it as your own hobby? This is a question that will determine whether you need a DSLR. It’s not necessary a professional would require a DSLR camera, In fact, there are many professional are still using a film camera to capture their masterpiece. If you are a professional who wants to move toward to a new digital world of DSLR, you should get yourself a full-frame DSLR camera as it suits your professional.

Here is some suggestion from us. You might want to start off by using a semi-pro camera to start off maybe for 1-2 years and once you are familiarize then you can gradually move yourself to the entry of DSLR. Basically a semi-pro has pretty much of the function DLSR and you can start getting a hands on and play around before getting you hands on a DSLR.

3. Maintenance of a DSLR

The next point will be on maintaining your DSLR. Getting a DSLR is like getting a responsibility to yourself. You need to ensure that your camera is always on a tip top condition. Before any shot that you make, you need to make sure that the lens is clean, the sensor is clean and that there is absolutely no speck on dust on either of the items. The best example of owning a DSLR is owning a car. If you keep it a regular check, it would work best but when you encounter some problem, the maintenance price will definitely freaks you out.

What are the steps that you can take to maintain your DSLR? Here are some tips. Try buy a sensor cleaning kit. This kit will help you to clean up most of the stuff includes sensor, lens, viewfinder lens, etc. Bare in mind that if you don’t clean up properly, especially on the lens, and if there a a dust, every shot that you take you will see the dust effect which will ruin your photo. It’s important to clean the dust as the most worst scenario it will cause is it will end up scratching your lens, and trust me, if that happens, it will make a hole in your wallet.

4. Price

The next important factor that will determine whether should you purchase a DSLR is it’s price. Do bare in mind that the whole DSLR is not cheap. The price that you would need to fork out will include the body of the camera, lenses and accessories (bags, filter, protector and etc). Moving on to the next level of photography indeed does cost some money.

If you are determine and ready to own a DSLR, make sure you do some research/survey/comparison of the price (either shops or online) to ensure that you are buying the DSLR camera at the best price. If required, you can buy separately where you buy a camera body from website A and lenses from website B or even accessories from retail shop. So long as the price is cheaper, then you can start your purchase.

Always remember that once you get a DSLR you are in an “expensive” hobby. DSLR require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in their best possible condition.

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