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Burger King

Cosmo Restaurants Sdn. Bhd. brought BURGER KING into Malaysia by opening the first BURGER KING® restaurant, BK® Sungai Buloh at the Overhead Bridge Sungai Buloh in December 1997. The Grand Opening was officiated by Malaysia's former Prime Minister i.e. Y.A.B Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Cosmo Restaurants Sdn. Bhd. is operating 27 BK® restaurants within Peninsular Malaysia today.

In 1954, James McLamore and David Edgerton opened their first BURGER KING® restaurant in Miami, Florida. These visionaries had extensive experience in restaurant business and a shared belief in the guiding principle of offering reasonably priced quality food, served quickly, in attractive, clean surroundings. Our Vision today honors their original vision.When America was introduced to the signature flavor of the Original WHOPPER® Sandwich in 1957, it was selling for only 37 cents. It was an instant sensation and immediately became our flagship product. Today the WHOPPER® is world renowned for its flame-grilled taste and the many ways customers can order it to their liking.The great success of the early restaurants made the BURGER KING® concept a franchise success. The concept spread rapidly throughout the 1960s and in 1963 the first international franchise restaurant opened in Puerto Rico.While the vision for the BURGER KING® brand hasn't changed over time, our restaurants have. The early BURGER KING® restaurants distinguished themselves from others by their self-serve ordering and outdoor patio seating. Burger King Corporation pioneered dining rooms in the fast food industry when it began to enclose its patio seating in 1957. For the first time, fast-food customers could comfortably eat their food at a table inside a restaurant. Burger King Corporation demonstrated its innovation again in 1975 when it began to offer drive-thru service at its restaurants, appealing to increasingly mobile and time-conscious consumers.When it comes to marketing the brand, a "winner takes all" attitude has fueled some of the most creative campaigns that wet the appetite of our customers. Burger King Corporation began airing its first television commercial in 1958 and our first major promotion, 'The Bigger the Burger, the Better the Burger,' debuted in 1968. In 1974 the memorable 'HAVE IT YOUR WAY®' campaign was created. Advertising industry innovations for the BURGER KING brand include the first use of comparative advertising in 1982 and the first Video Coupon the following year. In the late 1990s, the tremendously popular 'Food and Music' television campaign set a new standard for advertising worldwide.

There are currently, 3 BURGER KING® franchise holders in Malaysia. The largest operating restaurants is manage by Cosmo Restaurants Sdn. Bhd. While BK® restaurants located in KLIA are manage by Dewina Hosts Sdn. Bhd and BK® restaurants in Sabah are operated by Living Bread Sdn. Bhd.

In December 1997, BURGER KINGâ returns to Malaysia with a different management group that operates under a new franchisee i.e. Cosmo Restaurants Sdn. Bhd. The first restaurant was located at Overhead Bridge Sg. Buloh. It was officiated by our former Prime Minister i.e. Y.A.B Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.To date there are 20 restaurants in Malaysia, look out for more outlets in the near future..

There are currently, 3 franchise holders in Malaysia. The largest operating restaurant is manage by Cosmo Restaurants Sdn. Bhd. While outlets located in KLIA are under the management of Dewina Hosts Sdn. Bhd, outlets in Sabah are operated by another franchisee, Living Bread Sdn. Bhd.

The first interior concept was the 1960s with featured artists such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean and vintage cars photos. The current concept in BURGER KING caters for today’s customer requirement for the trendy, modern yet tranquil.

BURGER KING caters to customers who love great tasting burgers, their way.

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Burger King

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